A win-win setup for the evil minded manipulator

They said: You’ve been disputed but yet you keep silent?
I said: Indeed, a response will only be a key to the doors of evil.

Achieving Vagueness

What nasty and devious manipulations you engage in. Back when you were telling people that I had “forced” you to despise me, you didn’t mention the fact that you were the aggressor. I had been nothing but kind and generous towards you when you started sending provocations. Did I “force” you to do that? In the exchange that followed, your true character, or lack thereof, manifested itself. I responded to your provocations by questioning the position you had taken as judge; uninvited and obviously biased in a situation you knew nothing about. You justified your hostility by pointing to my email responses, claiming that they were the source of incriminating evidence against me. Naturally, your reference was vague and unspecific.
Vagueness Vagueness is one of the basic tactics that dishonest and evil-minded people use to lure others into believing what they want them to believe.
And then, by using another ugly manipulation tactic, you can blame your vagueness and your lack of evidence on me. Requesting permission to extract and publicize snippets from my emails gives the impression that you really are being truthful, that you really do have evidence, and that you really do want to substantiate your claims and justify your disrespect, callous lack of empathy, and ill treatment of me. Most definitely, I stand behind my every word and I have no problem admitting to error when I am shown to be wrong. However, knowing how easy it is for a skilled manipulator without a conscience to use the words of his opponent to misrepresent what has been said to his own benefit and to his target’s detriment, it would be foolish to give consent to your scheme. With approval to quote from my emails, you would take words out of context and distort their meaning in order to shift blame, incriminate me, and make yourself look like the one being abused. under thumbAn evil-minded manipulator will implicate his victim as having something to hide by pointing to the fact that he has been denied permission to show his ‘evidence’. Giving permission or denying it; he will make her look bad either way. For any manipulator, this is a win–win situation he’s most familiar with. He’s got his opponent under his thumb.