Devil in Disguise

Devil in Disguise
The Gay DeceptionPsychopaths and sociopaths are likely to appear friendly and generous. They are masters of deception, adept at faking emotions they don’t actually have—compassion, remorse, or humility—to win trust or gain power over others. Behind a convincing facade of respectability, intelligence, and high moral standards, they operate outside of standard ethical boundaries; recruiting lower-level psychopaths to do their bidding and manipulating normal, “good” people into accepting or supporting their shady agendas.

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Objecting to your abuse makes ME crazy?!






“What you have done is very damaging. I demand an explanation. Your attempts to shift the responsibility over to me and to cop out are clear to everyone.”

“Sure, call it a cop out if that’ll end this conversation.”

“Let’s call it something else then. Call it whatever you want. I will still insist on some answers.”

The offender evades responsibility for his malicious behavior by diverting attention over to his victim’s description of it.

Straw Man Fallacy

To: Bob Seidensticker
Subject: Re: our discussion


Straw Man (comics)I have not seen you disprove any of my statements, only denial. You have gone way overboard with logical errors and unreasonableness. You may call that ‘yet another charge’ if you like. Or my opinion. But if you care about the truth and you have an interest in learning about yourself, you will present this case and our email exchange to a cognitive therapist* for evaluation. 

Good luck!

*If you can show me that you are sincere about exploring objective reality, I shall even be willing to go with you.|

From: Bob Seidensticker

Ah, so I need therapy!